What to think about before you go backpacking abroad

3 May 2016
 Categories: Travel, Blog


Travelling is a hobby and a lifestyle for many people all around the world. A certain type of travelling that is very popular, especially for young people, is backpacking. You take your backpack packed with only the most essential items and go off for a month or longer to experience as many places as you can. This can seem like a scary thing to do, but in the end, it might be very rewarding. In order to prepare yourself for your backpacking trip, there are a few things you should do to prepare yourself.


Make sure that you've got all official documents in order before you set off for travel. Some countries demand that you get your visa in order many months before your actual visit. If you don't have these papers, you might be put in jail or be sent back home before you've even visited the country. Make sure you are up to date with all different rules regarding visas in all the countries you plan on visiting.

Travel blogs

Look for online resources that can help guide you in your travels. Search for a travel manifesto online about a trip similar to yours. People writing these manifestos have already had the experience you're about to have, and they can help you avoid repeating their mistakes. Find a travel tip blog, like The Unmade Bed, about the locations you want to visit and read about them from a fellow traveller's perspective. You can also find more specified types of resources for your purposes. Like if you are going travelling with your partner, you might want to look for a couples travel blog to find out as much as possible about what types of situations two people might get into when travelling to these locations. For example, some hostels that other blogs might recommend might not accept couples.


Another thing you need to do before you go backpacking is to make sure that you have all the vaccinations required for a visit in the country you've chosen. This is mostly applicable in tropical destinations, such as South America and Africa, but even countries in Europe may require that you have been protected with different vaccines for you to be allowed access. Ask your health clinic about laws that regulate vaccines in different countries, as they should have detailed knowledge of the different specifications in different countries. Also remember that some countries might require you to submit a proof of your vaccination as a part of your visa application, which is why you need to research the particular countries you wish to visit thoroughly to know about rules like these.